Life this September, 2013

Joining Nanosoft again is not the same it was first time. Now, I am totally a marketing person for the company, instead of being the Manager ! ? Cannot tolerate order from any person or boss. I was told that I would visit school rarely once a week. But its no change with previous experience with boss. All changed in just 1 week that discussed with me earlier when I joined.

Visiting people with marketing purpose is never easy for me. I am not happy at all. I can take the chance to die instead of living with this kind of job now or afterwords.

Doing business is only way I can live on since it doesn’t require any order from any… but care about employees only. So, I am not sure if I am living or leaving the life soon. I just know that it is no more satisfying me while dreamed a lot and failing every day.

But the business development can continue at my hands if I am the leader and boss for the task to handle monitor and decide anything with detailed support like a Laptop, materials like product details, mobile phone, software and its usage, area of benefits and everything my way. I would monitor and move the company my way, work freely and independently on any project.

There are lots of obstacles in this company. These are………………..

Really dont know if I am living or dying in few days. Cannot work the right way it needs to be.

Continuing my graphics design firm in Bangladesh to create and work in the local and international market for about 5 months, but not getting any results. How long shall I wait and see and look for income. This is Graphic Den.


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